“Regina’s candor, exercises and insights were instrumental in getting me through the initial stress of my new job. Down-to-earth, relatable and compassionate, Regina is incredibly easy to talk to and hear coaching from. Her joy in what she does produces not only tremendous results but also a startling amount of pure fun.” Melinda H. –Writer, Los Angeles, California

“When trying to change career paths in a recession flummoxed me, Regina provided many continued avenues of exploration. Her ideas, spurred my ideas and led to me being able to change my situation for the better.” Jay S. — IT Professional, Columbia, Maryland

“I want to commend you on your coaching skills. When we started working together a mere 8 months ago, I was lacking so much confidence, and I had several areas of my life where I felt such conflict. You have helped me move to a higher sense of being, and it was relatively easy to do so. I always look forward to our sessions because I know I am going to be that much more complete after the session is done. Thank you. I would not be able to follow my dreams (and even better, actually accomplish them) if it were not for your guidance and encouragement.” Becky C. — Life Coach, Denver, Colorado

“It has been my great pleasure to both observe Regina as a coach and to benefit from having had her coach me. Regina emanates a calm confidence, gentle support and keen intuition which are truly amazing. Her insight is spot-on and she has a way of making you feel that she is right there with you as you work. Working with Regina will help you to identify the steps you need to move yourself forward on your path in a way that feels exciting and inspiring. Regina is truly an excellent coach and anyone who has the good fortune to work with her is in for an expansive, authentic and truly beneficial experience.” Lisa B — Life Coach,  Westborough, MA