There’s a lot of negative stuff happening out there on this tiny planet of ours. Many of us have been tuned into some overwhelming tragedies in the last couple weeks and when we are reminded of this kind of pain, it’s really easy to get overwhelmed at the idea of trying to change the world.  There is so much to be done  – how can one person make any difference at all?  And yet, each of us has the ability to change the world and make it a little better all the time. So, while by no means a comprehensive list, here are a few tiny steps we can all do to change the world.

  • Spend some time with someone who has opinions radically different than yours and find your common ground.
  • Be exceedingly kind to people you don’t know but with whom you have contact. Bonus points for doing this to someone who isn’t acting kind towards you.  They need it more than anyone else.
  • Stop watching the news. Seriously.  It incites panic and anxiety and depression.  Miraculous happenings and positive events rarely take the lead story.
  • Join  (, Epic Change (, Kiva ( or any other group involved in changing the world one small step at a time.
  • Practice radical gratitude.
  • Let go of an old grudge.
  • Find a way to be helpful to someone everyday, even if you don’t know them.
  • Say thank you as much as possible.
  • Hug more people.  Or if you’re “not the hugging type,” put your hand on someone’s shoulder more often.
  • Look people in the eye when you speak to them, especially those types of people who we sometimes treat as if they are invisible (cashiers, delivery people, strangers, panhandlers).
  • Ask someone how their day is and really listen to the answer.
  • Ask more questions about people during a conversation.
  • Read more things that uplift your spirit.
  • Give a little more to charity even if your budget is tapped out – every dollar truly counts, especially in this economy.
  • Donate blood, tutor at the Boys and Girls Club, take an ASPCA dog for a walk – get out and volunteer your time at least once a month.
  • Send a quick email to let someone you are thinking about them.
  • Better yet, send a postcard- everyone loves getting personal mail!
  • Unplug entirely – talk a walk, hike, bike ride – clear your head and see what pops up.
  • Give unexpected little gifts.
  • Work hard to put yourself in other’s shoes. Remember that people are usually doing the best with what they’ve got.
  • Encourage someone every day.
  • Live your truth as honestly as you can – repressed anger and resentment does not create peace.
  • Love as many people as your heart can hold.

Now I want to hear from you. What else can we do to change the world one tiny step at a time?


  1. How about “Have the courage to share your ideas with one person or the world” as you just did.

    Regina, I love this post and it is incredibly inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us and I think I am going to borrow several pieces of this as a framework for the material/subject matter of our February blogging challenge.

    This is excellent!

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